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Royal Approval

MugCharles1“The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events has increased, and is set further to increase, in many parts of the world, as a direct result of anthropogenic climate change” Charles, Prince of Wales, 20-Nov-2013

So that ends the discussion amongst his loyal subjects and confirms that the human population is truly the cause of climate change - through increases in CO2 levels (from fossil fuel combustion, burning wood and making cement), increased atmospheric aerosols (with ozone depletion) and changing land use (especially deforestation, building construction and animal agriculture).

Now this scenario is not too hard to accept since it is easy see huge areas of the world being developed for food production, manufacturing, transport or accommodation. Even in little Britain there are pressures for more homes, more roads, more railways, more airport capacity, more consumption ... and the government is supporting these negative developments under the misnomer of Growth. Yet Grandads are not alone in seeing that these developments can only increase the climate change problem. Building more homes and their support services will generate more CO2 and use up more land .. not just through the construction phase but for ever. Especially since all the homes to be built are far from carbon neutral - despite government promises that by now they would be. Everyone living in these extra homes will need food, transport, gas, electricity, water, etc. Growth equals making the problem worse. Yet no British politician would dare make population reduction a policy commitment. So even if the carbon footprint per person can be reduced this will be negated by the growth in the number of people. And Britain is forecast to have a greater population growth than its European neighbours.

canute_r200We have a situation where the problem is known but the acceptable government solutions are ineffective. And worse still  - even if all the approved measures were implemented in full the negative effects on the climate would continue to increase.

So, as that previous royal commentator King Canute pointed out, no one can stop the tide no matter how powerful they are at a human level. Now that humans have boosted climate change to its present levels they have no known mechanism for reversing the trend.


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The End of The World is Nigh ... Again

This time the world will end 22-Feb-2014 according to some unnamed Norse mythology experts with their interpretations of Viking legends. Now we are not casting any doubt over this expert opinion but just pointing out that this comes via people from the Yorvik tourist attraction in York - and that winter is a quiet time for business.titus1

But just in case you need reassurance about next summer’s holiday bookings we have a firm condemnation of the Viking Ragnarok myth from that regular Dozon spokesman, Denzil. He told the media this week that now that we had passed the worrying date of 13-11-13 the greatest risks of disaster had passed. And these risks would continue to decline as we approached the end of 2013. The new year would be a broadly neutral year, based on the latest Dozon assessments, with the next highly favourable period not expected until 2024.

However this week the Daily Express indirectly contributed to the Viking myth story by re-issuing its annual predictions of a terrible winter - using almost the same script as last winter’s stories of snowbound economic collapse. But at least is good to see that the Express’s weather story editor (Nathan Rao) avoided the angry mobs demanding sensible forecasts and is back to the journalistic form that helped the Express take Grandad’s Pointless prize for January.

Away from Britain’s baseless weather warnings and tourism PR there is a wider world. And sadly one where the victims of Typhoon Haiyan must have felt that the end of the world really had arrived. Despite the enormous losses and devastation the people there will rebuild their lives. But the scale of such disasters seems set to climb as the world population heads towards 11 billion and environmental stresses increase.

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