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Beastly Weather

Apparently we are braced for chilling temperatures and heavy snowfall ... as the so-called Beast from the East batters the UK. Even though there were few signs today that any of the local supermarkets were experiencing a run on provisions. And few seemed to think anything special was needed to tide us through the possible travel disruptions and power cuts.

man8Being Britain there will of course be some extreme reactions in both directions; with shorts still being seen outside in tough areas and airlines being forced to cancel flights at airports with no snow. Meanwhile the media will be getting their reporters to the regular vantage points so that they can paint as black a picture as possible for their next edition.

For those Grandads that have seen all this - and worse - before the plan will be to be make the best of the situation - stay warm and have a nice cup of tea. Assuming that the country still has enough working power stations to keep the home fires burning ...

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History Lesson


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More Statistics

While the names behind various groups hoping to block the UK’s attempts to leave the EU seem more likely to help than hinder the independence cause, it is the immigration figures that will be a more direct influence.

Borat-160The next set of Government statistics are due out on Thursday and will, most probably, show a slight slowing in net migration. A change that some will try to spin as a disaster for farming, the NHS and everything else down to hand car wash services. Yet the previous figures showed a net migration of 230,000 for the year and even a slight fall would still leave the net total at unsupportable levels.

And while the headline figure is a 230,000 increase the actual arrivals for the year were a more worrying 572,000. And worrying not because of disliking foreigners but because no one is providing the necessary infrastructure required to cope with the growing population. Note it is the whole infrastructure not just housing that is needed - schools, hospitals, GPs, dentists, police, fire, ambulance, roads, railways, shops - and even cemeteries!

A few years ago Grandad proposed that the Government buy up the whole town of Redcar (see Oct 2015) and use it to accommodate the next batch of new arrivals. A solution more desirable than squeezing them into converted garages and garden sheds in some declining London suburb. And if the pro-immigration lobbies are correct then this would not be prohibitively expensive as the migrants are guaranteed to generate more wealth than they require in Government support. The trouble is a town like Redcar could only accommodate around 40,000 people at its present occupation levels. So all the available space in the town would be taken up by new arrivals in just 26 days.

Cunning_Plan_160No worries .. the Government could keep buying up towns - ideally ones in coastal locations that have been in decline for years. This fresh start would convert an under utilised resource into a net contributer to our national GDP. However they would need to purchase at least 16 towns the size of Redcar each year and hope that the present town occupants either left the country, downsized or died-off ...

But I guess that we should be grateful that so many see the UK as a desirable place to move to. And despite the economic disaster predictions of the EUrologists it seems that people from around the world are voting with their feet and heading to the UK for a better future ... As a result EU figures predict that the UK could overtake Germany in total population before 2050 - but that’s one for the grandchildren to sort out.

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Still In Doubt


Despite the length of time that has already passed the actual date for the restoration of our independence is still in doubt. Will it be on, or even before, 29 March 2019? Will it be after a two year transition period starting 29 March 2019? Will it be at the end of December 2020 as the EU have stated? Or will it be never?

There are some in power who are still lobbying for the never outcome. But when these include names such as Blair, Mandelson and Soros there can be very few with a genuine love for this country that will be taken in by their arguments and promises.

The average citizen must, by now, be disappointed and disillusioned by the actions - or lack of action - of our supposed representatives. The extent to which so many are clearly working against our national interest has even caused concern amongst EU politicians wanting the UK to stay in the club!

And there is no point in Grandad stating how many more taxpayer pounds have gone into the Brussels black hole - you will all know by now that it is many, many thousands of millions that will never be seen again.

Britain should have said goodbye as soon as it became clear that the Europa Projeckt had gained political power over what was once simply a free trade area. But that is in the past and we now need to make the best of our future - for the sake of our grandchildren and future generations.

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Going Nowhere

Today saw an agreement by the European Union on the rules that they expect the UK to follow during any transitional arrangement. This transition being the time straight after we nominally leave the EU in March 2019.

Poor_Britannia_2_300These rules require the UK to incur all the downsides of membership - without the UK having any form of control. Everything - free movement, unconditional acceptance of EU laws, millions in fees, no trade agreements, etc - will be just the same as when we were a member; except that the UK would have no MEPs or any say in EU decision making. A situation where the UK could be quite literally bled dry. Also a situation which means that no actual transition can happen.

In short we would become a vassal state - a puppet government controlled by Brussels. A nation totally subject to foreign control and having to pay the EU’s taxation without any representation.

On this basis the only option for the UK is to state that the start of the transitional arrangement was 29 March 2017 and that it will run for no more than two years; terminating on the same day as we leave.

Sadly our lack-lustre leaders and fifth-column elitists seem destined to continue to squabble over the carcass of Brexit - like vultures over a dead buffalo.

Back in 2016 it was pretty clear what needed to be done as quickly as possible - issue resignation letter, suspend payments until agreement reached and repeal the European Communities Act. Just look what has happened instead. Poor Britannia indeed ...

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More EU Super Heroes

Napoleon_Macron1WunderFrau2With Captain Eurocrat missing from the World Economic Forum in Davos this week it became clear that the EU requires more super heroes in its times of need.

So we can now reveal two more. First Wunder Frau and then Boney M came out this week and now stand firm against those forces of evil that are attempting to undo the Europa master plan.

With their special powers they have the ability to erase from the minds of the plebs any inconvenient truths or hopes of independence with democracy. However these powers only last for a limited time so need to used with care ...

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All Right On The Night?

Being Burns Night tonight a quick check on what the Scottish parliament might be recommending for our supper seemed appropriate. And not a lot has changed since our last look - for example ..

RobertBurnsUSSR1Motion S5M-09862: Angus MacDonald, Falkirk East, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 11/01/2018
Trio of Success for Falkirk District Butchers: That the Parliament hails the success of three butchers from Falkirk district at the recent Scottish Craft Butchers Savoury Pastry products awards; congratulates Thomas Johnstone Butchers, which is based in Falkirk, on winning two prestigious Diamond awards for its pies and sausage rolls, Patricks of Camelon, on winning a Gold award for its Scotch pies and Silver for its sausage rolls, mac‘n’bacon pies, chicken pies and hand-held steak pies, and the Grangemouth-based Richards Family Butchers on its Scotch pies winning Silver ...

These congratulations do seem rather one-eyed in their hailing since it was, after all, a competition for Scottish butchers. And it would be reasonable to assume that all the winners would have been from Scotland. But more importantly these frequent parochial motions at the Scottish parliament do bring into question the point of funding a house of expensive politicians that are clearly lacking enough serious business to fill their time.

Earlier this week we had reports of the First Minister, no less, tackling that key issue of state - the times that the Union flag can be flown on official buildings. Even though this was later revealed to be a decision made in 2010. Yet it is still the case that no one from the SNP can logically explain how a party committed to Scottish independence can also be in support of giving up this same independence to Brussels via the EU.

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!

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Yorkshire Devolution

Yorkshire-flag-std3After years of discussion and division all twenty local authorities within what is currently Yorkshire have agreed that they will establish a single devolved unit.

Perhaps spurred on by the results of the recent public votes in Barnsley and Doncaster - where 85% voted for a Yorkshire wide solution - the local politicians have finally set a target of 2020 for a new single body to start. Even though this would mean that the Sheffield-Rotherham regional body - not due to start until May 2018 - would only last for two years.

The new Yorkshire authority would not have anything like the powers of Scotland or Wales but would serve a population of around 5.4 million - more than either of them. In fact Yorkshire’s population would put it at 25th in the European table of countries - ahead of Ireland for example - and at around ten times the numbers in Jean-Claude Juncker’s Luxembourg.

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Another Year, Another Miss?

Man_Euro2015In the next few days the BBC are due to announce their shortlist of songs for the 2018 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Then, following the pattern of recent years, a Eurovision You Decide show will allow a public vote to select the final entry. This year the show will be on Wednesday 7 February in Brighton and makes an attempt to gain some much needed credibility through employing 2015 winner Mans Zelmerlow alongside Mel Giedroyc.

But even before the BBC’s shortlist is known the bookies are rating the UK down in 24th place with regular front runners Sweden, Russia and Australia occupying the top three slots. Given our recent poor performances, the lack of incentive for ambitious artists to enter and the political climate, such a low level of support at the bookies is to be expected. Especially when we hear that Sweden has scheduled five national song heats just to get down to a shortlist; with other nations having even more entries to pick from. While the tiny Italian enclave of San Marino (population 33,000 or one tenth the size of Croydon) has scheduled four heats...

With Australia hoping to launch a separate Eurovision Asia Song Contest the smart money is backing them for the top spot this year - assuming that they don’t suffer from another reversal at the hands of nationalist / political voters.

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Euro Heroes

old-eurohero2The efforts of the German politicians to reach some form of coalition deal could well be resolved today and so end months of argument. But at least the inter-party maneuvers have thrown up insights as to what will be the political agenda for Germany within the European Union. And the German agenda carries much more weight than the British one ever did - or was ever likely to.

It now seems clear that there are some senior political figures who will do anything it takes to achieve their target of a United States of Europe - even if this is without the support of a majority of its citizens. And some of the ways that this plan will be helped along is through the rewriting of history, the indoctrination of youth and the creation of regime super heroes.

This is not a new idea - for example a Captain Euro made a brief and very unsuccessful appearance around 1999 and again in 2015. But this time there is much more at stake that just a currency.

So here is our Captain Eurocrat. A super hero with the power to stop any business in its tracks, to make any national government comply with his demands and to print unlimited amounts of euros at will. Captain Eurocrat will soon be incorporated into a revised history of Europe where his previously unreported role in defeating the forces of evil and maintaining peace since 1945 will be fully revealed. To support Captain Eurocrat all EU units (formerly called countries) will now have to adopt the motto Ending Euroscepticism so it’s not the end of us

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Shuffling Off

With Christmas and New Year just memories, our democratic representatives are, mostly, back at their day jobs again while our Whitehall civil servants work (!) on their own private agendas.

ManRDSo this week in Downing Street our Prime Minister carried out the traditional reshuffle of the table seating plan of that limited pack of Right Honorables making up her Cabinet. The spin machines claim that these changes were significant but few seem to agree. In reality the changes look pretty limited with the only obvious trend being more power to MPs who have, so far, been working against a successful exit from the European Union.

Now a successful Brexit is not the only political issue - but it is the most far reaching. And, considering how little has been achieved in the 565 days since that clear leave referendum vote, a cabinet less committed to the cause is not a good sign. Overall the latest news just seem to confirm that Theresa May is not sufficiently in control of the situation to be an effective leader. And that the outcome of the Brexit talks increasingly seems be that the EU will impose costs and trading penalties that the UK is then pushed into agreeing.

Possibly Mrs May’s hope is that the EU will break up under its many pressures and so let the UK off the hook. But that is very unlikely to happen in the remaining time frame. And as a result we, the people, are likely to be worse off than if there had been a clean break last year or if the vote had gone the other way back in 2016.

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