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Russia Loosing The War

As we reach forty weeks of Russia’s brutal attacks on anything and everything in Ukraine the Kremin war criminals still cling to power.

Man1902All the talk of internal opposition or fatal illness to force changes have come to nothing - and Russia slides further towards political and financial suicide.

The invasion of an independent state by a military super-power on the deranged commands of their unhinged and psychopathic leader is an affront to the free world.

Yet Russia still retains its seat on the UN Security Council - and no one has the power or resolve to remove them. In fact some regimes are keen to do business with the aggressors - breaking sanctions and getting cheap energy in return.

But there can be no hiding the fact that Russia is loosing the war. And over these past forty weeks tens of thousands of the Russian military and their mercenaries have died as a result. But for what? The plan to remove Ukraine and its people from the map of Europe has failed - and can now never succeed.

The scale of death and destruction is vast - but Ukraine will, in the end, be victorious...

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Broke or Bust

It seems much longer but Rishi Sunak has only been in the job since last Monday - the job of British Prime Minister that is.

man4Certainly the style of management has moved on from the delusional growth plans of Truss or the gung-ho bluster of Johnson. Looking from the far-off isolation of Grandad Towers there seems a mood of much more detailed scrutiny of the nation’s finances - more even than in the days of Spreadsheet Phil (ex-Chancellor, Philip Hammond).

And the results do not make pleasant reading. According to reports from informed sources the spare 30,000 million or so that was projected when Sunak left No. 11 has all gone and now replaced by a black hole of around 50,000 million. Ouch!

All the money that Truss was going to use for tax-cuts and boosting growth has gone on higher interest rates, higher energy costs and inflation.

Now the Treasury, Chancellor Hunt and PM Sunak are faced with imposing tax hikes and spending cuts to avoid a total collapse of the economy. The effects of this will be unpopular with voters - but there are signs that the public would rather hear something nearer to the truth than endless spin-doctor speak or pie in the sky illusions ...

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All Trussed Up

It has been a common complaint for decades that politicians are often given senior government positions totally outside their areas of expertise.

TrussMe1-220But rarely have the effects of this disregard for common sense had such far reaching effects so quickly.

You would have hoped that Truss and Kwarteng had recognised their inexperience and sought advice for previous senior politicians, cabinet colleagues and even a couple of Bank of England governors. But it seems not ..

So now we have both friendly and unfriendly fire coming from media vultures, upset politicians, the BoE and international investors amongst others. This is descending into a political civil war. All resulting in higher interest rates, declining national ratings and falling sterling exchange rates.

The prediction made some time ago by the discredited Dominic Cummings that PM Truss would be a ‘human hand grenade’ with a short career could turn out to be very near to reality ...

Just 48 hours on and Kwarteng has already gone.
Q. What’s your guess on how much experience in government finance has replacement Chancellor - Jeremy Hunt - actually got?
A. Zero.
Correct ... SNATU [Situation Normal All Trussed Up]

Another 24 hours pass and Liz Truss is left in an untenable position- with Jeremy Hunt junking virtually every one of the Truss-Kwarteng financial promises made oh so recently. And he is supposed to be on the same side! Her choices are reduced to resignation or dismissal ... We were warned. Now a general election cannot be far away.

After all the policy reversals - de-facto Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt starts the cull of Truss supporters as if she had already left office. And it was Truss that appointed him. Her biggest mistake? It’s all going to end in tears ...

As with the BoJo bus we can all see the wheels falling off the Truss bus when it too hits those pot-holed streets of broken promises. At least the lottery-winning scale of our payments to ex-prime ministers is a major consolation and should ease her short-term discomfort. Having a Public Duty Cost Allowance of almost 10,000 per month for life for a few months in post is too good a deal to miss. But perhaps it’s time to cap or withdraw such boundless generosity - especially when various PMs have caused so much unjustified expense to the average British family .... More - Truss resignation announced and a new PM to be selected within a week.

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Boom or Bust

Truss and Kwarteng have jumped in with both feet within days of taking up their posts. Last Friday saw them announce a raft of changes that will impact just about every person in the UK - and cost billions.

man4Given the scale and extent of the many changes and the very short time frame involved then it not surprising that they are not supported by any detailed analysis. They are in effect fiscal policies that could sink or swim. If they are brilliant steps that will make for boom times ahead then everyone will be happy.

However Gradad’s business analyst training says that it is more like chancing all on the spin of the roulette wheel than the result of any careful strategic planning. And the worry is that Truss and Kwarteng have relied on their previously published works to draw up these far-reaching changes. Works that were dismissed as .. barely sixth form level immature rubbish.

We in the cheap seats can only look on as the effects of the new policies affect the nation - and of course pay the price for any failures imposed on us by our political leaders.

And our new leaders are certainly different to Johnson and Sunak - and keen to make policy changes at an exceptional pace. But there is a suggestion that they will keep on making changes at short notice resulting in the chaos that some opponents predicted.

But it will be interesting to see if Prime Minster Truss delivers on the promise made just last week to keep one of the north’s key airports - Doncaster/Sheffield - afloat. Since its closure was announced earlier today ...

Update 3-Oct-2022
Just one week on and we have the first short notice u-turn for our new PM with the reversal of a key tax announcement made just days ago. Not a smart decision initially and compounded by saying it was completely wrong so soon after.

Plus there have been no apparent government actions to avoid the closure of Doncaster/Sheffield airport. The closure looks certain to happen given that the wind-down starts in four weeks time. This failure to act will not do much to create public trust in any promises made.

The Truss-Kwarteng leadership are already guilty of naivity and broken promises. They will need to make some major improvements pronto or face a short stay at 10 and 11 Downing Street.

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Black Balmoral

Close family members being flown in, private messages delivered to political leaders, media mobilisation and close medical supervision suggest that all is not well with our Queen. We hope for the best but must prepare ourselves for the worst.

Millions of people around the world will know what happened next ... so now it’s simply Adieu Your Majesty




Crisis. What Crisis?

Returning after a welcome break it seems we have a mixture of old and new in the crisis department.

In UK politics Boris Johnson is still in office (some of the time) despite resigning at the beginning of July. Sunak and Truss are still preaching to the converted - most of whom must have made their choice for next Prime Minister weeks ago. And worryingly it seems very likely that Ms Truss will be moving into number 10 - with Rishi moving out of number 11.

VictorCar1Why is Ms Truss being PM a worry? I don’t have any definitive knowledge and so gut-feelings are leading; but .. If you look up Liz online some surprising facts jump out.

First Liz Truss is her stage name. Her conventional name became Mary Elizabeth O'Leary when she married over 20 years ago - 10 years before she became a member of parliament in 2010.

Soon after that she appears as Elizabeth Truss co-author of After the Coalition and again in 2012 as co-author of Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity. But neither of these works has made it to Grandad’s extensive library - thank goodness.

Now the co-authors of both publications are Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss- all of whom became cabinet members afterwards. A silent coup?

But the book reviews were scathing - for example What utter drivel and It surprises me that the publishers consider this fit to publish. The author have done minimal research and based on that reached absurd conclusions. This Is clearly a book written to advance the authors political ambitions - no wonder Mr Cameron distanced himself from it. And there are plenty more - Comes across as barely sixth form level immature rubbish, the content itself is meaningless tripe. One truly wonders whether the authors have any intellectual ability or are simply ambitious yet untalented clowns.

And this negative feedback dates from before Liz Truss became the prime candidate for the top political job. The prospect of becoming Prime Minister Truss has generated more noise from opponents - On what planet could a nonentity like Liz Truss be hot favourite for PM? This is a woman who until a year ago did not seem to have a policy on anything. Another reports that she once played Maggie Thatcher in a school play and it has clearly gone to her head, because this week she boasted: “Labour fears me. I’m their worst nightmare.” Now, that level of self-delusion is disturbing.

However Ms Truss has not really helped herself by telling the press that her two teenage daughters were managing (really?) her social media campaign And that her success had been with the help of her daughters Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13. Ms Truss said: 'My oldest daughter's working on the digital team. She's done a computing GCSE so she's helping out on that. And my younger daughter was there as well, giving general political advice (really?).'

Now if the world was in a calmer, more friendly and stable position having a nonentity in power in the UK could be worked around. But we are told repeatedly of one crisis after another - climate change, water shortage, cost of food / energy, overloaded healthcare, Russian & Chinese invasions / financial collapse, breakup of the UK, crime, strikes, etc, etc.

And even after removing the hype there are some true crises here that UK leadership will have to - at least partially - contribute to solving. With a reputation for causing chaos and NOT getting things done Prime Minister Liz could be worse than having a nonentity in charge ...

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Surely Not Still Here?

It’s hard to believe but psychopathic war criminal Mad Vlad has survived another month despite declining health, growing casualties and military losses in Ukraine, financial collapse and escalating political unrest in Russia.

Ever since the start of the illegal invasion the conflict has been a duel between Putin and Zelensky. And despite Russia claiming to be a world super-power the odds favour a fit 44 year old over a sick and declining 69 year old. The worry is that Mad Vlad will become even more irrational and ignorant of pointless fatalities.

DodoBird1wMeanwhile UK politics is in turmoil as the accumulation of gaffes and poor decisions by Dodo Bojo becomes just too much for key cabinet members and ministers. Predications of Mr Johnson’s fall from power have been frequent - and wrong - before but this time even the greased piglet may be out of office very soon.

And now one problem that Grandad thought was passed is back. Covid cases continue to climb towards historically high levels leading to increasing hospital admissions. This health issue disappeared from the headlines months ago along with all sense of urgency and government vaccination targets. Our local walk-in Covid vaccination centre was still open a week or so ago but with very few actual patients. The media may have dropped their coverage too soon as the prospect of more NHS pressure raises its ugly head.

But at least the metric v. imperial issue disappeared from view just as quickly as it first appeared ...

Update 7-Jul-2022
Just 24 hours later and Boris Johnson has resigned. So now the media turn to who will become the 4th UK Prime Minister since the clear-cut Brexit vote? And how many Johnson policies will soon be forgotten or reversed? What we need now is for someone or something to remove Putin from power ...

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