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GeorgeDragon2021Despite misguided folk trying to put it profoundly beyond the pale St George’s Day remains a source of national pride for many.

Yet today the national flag of England has been all but censored out of existence. And even the Union Flag has now become a target to be dragged down - by vested interests and even sad elements within the BBC.

But without pride in your country, region, town or family we  become drones living pointless lives in a grey world. So tomorrow we will remember, fly the flag and kill the dragon ...

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

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Russian Expansion

With Germany dependent on Russian gas and looking for Russian vaccines while experiencing a new wave of Corona Virus infections the chances of meaningful actions by the EU against any Russian military action in the Ukraine look mighty slim.

EU_Army_Badge1wAdding to the EU’s strategic weaknesses are its lukewarm support for NATO, talk of a EU Army but without any boots on the ground and the obvious incompetency of the current leadership - as witnessed by events in Brussels over recent weeks. Imagine what a EU-lead military response would be like!

From the Russian standpoint the West’s struggle with Covid, the EU’s resentment of all things British since Brexit and the fact that now is the Easter Weekend make this an ideal time for Russia to improve its grip over the East. [Russian Orthodox Easter is not until 2-May-2021]

If Russia does make a move then it will hardly be a surprise given that some EU politicians have been poking a stick at the Russian Bear for years - in the belief that the threat of NATO would stop any Russian response.

Let us hope that Russia limits it ambitions - and backs away from a full-scale conflict. Adding World War 3 to the planets troubles would be a step too far ...

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You Heard It Here First

In a surprise move the SNP have announced changes that they claim will strengthen Scotland’s case for EU membership.

Schuko-plug1The first change being the immediate adoption of the Euro electrical plugs and sockets in all homes and offices. A government spokesperson stating that the adoption of the Schuko design was far superior to the old English models and brought Scotland in-line with its future EU partners.

The second change being a switch-over to driving on the right and banning the sales of English right-hand drive vehicles. The reasons for this being driving on the left or right does not apply on the many single-track roads, the plentiful supply of second-user left-hand drive limos available in Brussels and to bring Scotland in-line with its future EU partners.

The final change announced this morning being the surprise embargo on the importation of Yorkshire Puddings - on the grounds that such English products do not comply with the EU rules for batter-based food products that come into effect today. Rules that are routinely adopted by the Scottish Parliament to bring Scotland in-line with its future EU partners.

Interestingly these changes were published online in English, Scots Gaelic .. and French. Yes - to bring Scotland in-line with its future EU partners.

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The Grass Is Greener

The EU's Green Pass vaccine passport should be in place between 17-May and 1-June 2021 according to reports quoting Eurocrat Margaritis Schinas - the European Commission Vice-President assigned to the Promoting our European Way of Life Department (that is not a joke!). Being an EU scheme it does not cover the UK - or indeed anywhere else.

Get-Away-300So after the threats to block vaccine supplies are played out the next revenge move could well involve the EU requiring travellers to have one of their new passports - while making sure that all UK applicants are either restricted, blocked or forced to pay dearly for the privilege. A move that could make places like Israel, Gibraltar, Australia etc move further up every desirable holiday destinations list.

However quite how travel to the Irish Republic from the non-EU world would work is not clear - and could prove a further problem for the citizens of Northern Ireland. A part of the UK that is being forced to act as a purgatory between the evil UK and the heaven that is the EU. [Do I get my EU funding now?]

Meanwhile the UK news media report that a Covid Status Certificate is being considered for the UK. But also reporting opinions that any UK domestic vaccine passport would be discriminatory and that discriminating on grounds of jabs would be illegal.

Looks like travel companies will have to tread very carefully if they are to avoid expensive litigation ...

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A Winters Tale

We’ve reached the end of a winter that was memorable for both good and bad reasons.

The season was dominated, of course, by daily checks on the impact of the Wuhan virus and the ongoing fight to mitigate the damage it continued to cause. With total UK deaths approaching 123,000 it has been a bruising struggle - with the NHS reporting around 439,000 related hospital admissions since the start of the outbreak over a year ago.

This struggle put pressure on the national government just when it was least prepared. Already facing the complexities of leaving the European Union - and what can only be described as spiteful and revenge-seeking EU politicians. Leaving the EU has certainly upset the feeding trough in Brussels.

ScotlandsFinest1Meanwhile in Scotland SNP politicians still refuse to accept the democratic vote to stick with that more tried and tested union - the United Kingdom. The nationalist argument that things have changed since the 2014 referendum is a ridiculous non-reason. Things always change - often in unpredicted ways.

At least the latest in-fighting between the current and previous First Ministers is a diversion from the normal daily platitudes and attempts at anti-UK one-upmanship put out by the party in power.

But despite everything that has happened and the ongoing problems with the economy, the EU trade blockages and the limits on personal freedoms there is still a positive feeling in the air. Tomorrow sees the start of Spring and with falling deaths and hospital admissions, over 20 million first-dose vaccinations and a timetable for easing restrictions things are looking better. Even the prospect of a tough UK budget next week has not dampened the upbeat mood.

So let’s hope that we don’t get any more serious problems thrown at us - and that this year will see the first steps towards normality worldwide. Even so those face masks could be a common sight for a long while ...

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Ragged Edge

These are far from normal times - but even so the world, as seen from Europe, seems to be becoming less rational, less predictable and more volatile. The pressures at all levels - from individuals to whole continents - are triggering actions and decisions that would be inconceivable just a few years ago.

man21aPaying huge numbers of fit and healthy workers to stay at home. Loaning businesses billions of pounds without even the most basic of checks and safeguards. Governments spending far more than they are receiving for month after month. Trying to vaccinate the entire planet against a virus that can mutate quicker than the protective shots can be distributed. Some corporations making massive profits while others are being forced to close. Travelling more than a few miles from home has been banned. Christmas all but scrapped. The list goes on and on ...

On top of this increasingly distorted picture we have naysayers with a flood of wild claims and false news - some based on their own lack of knowledge but others that can only be regarded as deliberate trouble making. Even people in senior roles are making statements that would be unacceptable in normal times. For example we have the President of the French Republic announcing that a Covid vaccine is almost ineffective for the over 65s - So raising the question do we believe the UK scientific advice and get vaccinated or do we refuse because a politician under pressure says it wont work but may be trying to justify not having enough vaccine for his citizens using a false claim? That could be a life or death choice ...

So lots of pressure in lots of places on lots of people - all making for a very ragged edge to life in 2021 ...

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Viral Threat 2021

Twelve months ago the new Wuhan virus was very much a Chinese problem. One that would not spread worldwide and, like earlier infectious, such as Ebola or SARS,  would be contained before it infected us in the UK. Wrong!

Man1We now have the prospect of UK Covid-related deaths reaching 100,000 before too long. And this is against a backdrop of almost 93 million cases and 2 million deaths world wide. But vaccines have been developed, approved, mass produced and started to be distributed - so deaths and serious infections should start to decline by summer time. If the promises hold true.

Then we, like many countries, will have to assess how our nation gets back to something approaching normal. This is going to be difficult after so much disruption to both the economy and our daily lives. If the Government spends billions to boost business then it could be a catalyst for a new Roaring Twenties. A period where the young and rich party like there’s no tomorrow, the stock markets boom and many old fashions are discarded.

But having already spent billions of borrowed money spending even more restarting damaged businesses might just burst the bubble. And the Roaring Twenties could be followed by an almighty crash ... just like the 1920s.

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